About us

    DMR GROUP SP. Z O.O. is an importer and distributor of chemical raw materials for the industrial sector with headquaters in Warsaw, Poland.  Main business is to supply high-quality of additives (single and package) for production of lubricant oil, greases and metal working fluids.

    We specialize in complex supply industry with the necessary raw materials and additives for production, carefully selected from those available on the world market. We provide customers with the product complies with the requirements in the agreed time. We have a network of warehouses allows for just in time deliveries. 

    We offer clients customized solutions in the management of the supply system, and possible applications of materials that are in our offer.


    DMR GROUP SP. Z O.O. realise project co-financed by the European Union:

    Zasady promocji i oznakowania projektów w Programie - umowy podpisane od 1  stycznia 2018 roku - Ministerstwo Funduszy i Polityki Regionalnej

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    DMR Lubricant Additives business produces ashless components and packages to formulate high quality solutions for the lubricant industry in Group I, II, and III base stocks. Our antioxidant, antiwear, and corrosion inhibitor/metal deactivator components are also effective in many synthetic base stock types.


    When combined with your base oils, fuels or greases, these additives are designed to meet the performance requirements for your application. DMR will work with you to insure your products meet or surpass all specifications and requirements.

    Lubricants ensure first-class results in terms of gear wear, seal life and fluid oxidation/oil life. With their renewable content, these synthetic lubricants fall into today's class of more carbon-neutral, sustainable technologies.

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